Quiz for March

  1. What verse names the right and the wrong kinds of sorrow?
  2. Where does God say, ``All day long I have held out my hands to an obstinate people''?
  3. Where is the prophecy about someone being pierced for our transgressions?
  4. After God miraculously provided manna in the desert, rather than being grateful the people complained that they had no meat. As their leader, how did Moses respond?
  5. Where does Jesus say, ``My power is made perfect in weakness''?
  6. What verses explain why to flee from sexual immorality?
  7. Where does God first declare Caleb's reward?
  8. What verses prophesy a child being born who is called Mighty God?
  9. Where does God say why Moses would not lead Israel into the promised land?
  10. What verses tell how priests are to bless God's people?
  11. What verses describe the substance and style of Paul's evangelistic message?
  12. In what verse does Isaiah describe the joy of the redeemed?
  13. What verses reveal the ambitions Lucifer said in his heart?
  14. What verses describe love?
Check your answers against the quiz key.
The Bible in 11 Months
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