May Quiz

  1. We constantly see children suffer for the sins of their parents. Does that mean they share the guilt?
  2. What did the Israelites say to God when he allowed neighboring countries to oppress them?
  3. What must one give up to be a disciple of Jesus?
  4. In Ezekiel's vision of killing in Jerusalem, who was to be saved?
  5. What must anyone do who wishes to follow Jesus?
  6. How did Jesus describe the hypocrisy of experts in the law?
  7. During Joshua's time, which of God's promises to the Iraelites failed?
  8. Describe Ezkiel's vision of the valley of the dry bones.
  9. How did the Israelites initally express their loyalty to Moses' successor?
  10. Why didn't God help Israel defeat Ai?
  11. How does the Bible sum up the state of Israel during the time of the Judges?
  12. How did the Israelites finish their defeat of the Amorites even though the sun was about to go down?
  13. What did God need to not have to destroy Israel?
  14. How did God tell Ezekiel that his wife would die?
Check your answers against the quiz key.
The Bible in 11 Months
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