Harvest 1.4pl1

Submitted by: Bruce Lewis <brlewis@mit.edu>


We are sorely lacking a search service for web.mit.edu pages. Harvest seems to be our only choice, as described in Options for making MIT's web pages searchable. Version 1.3 worked well for several weeks, but then dumped core, probably from a bug that's been fixed in 1.4. There are also other improvements in 1.4, including improved handling of files in AFS.

Delivery/Integration cost = 2

One day getting the new version into CVS and reintegrating changes done to 1.3. (This will be much less effort next time due to CVS's ability to track 3rd-party sources.) One day to get installation working right. A couple day's effort testing, spread out over several days.

Service cost = 5

I think Harvest will initially need a lot of attention because we need to keep an eye on performance/load. Also, other MIT web maintainers will want to integrate with us using advanced Harvest features; we will probably want this too.

Support cost = 2

Few users will use any of Harvest's features beyond what's intuitive. Consultants can quickly figure out the advanced features.
Last modified: Wed Jan 31 15:36:11 EST 1996