unhurried Athena port to new Unix platform

Submitted by: Bruce Lewis <brlewis@mit.edu>


Primarily this project would benefit us within the Athena Unix dev group. We've done a lot of ports under hard deadlines, leaving little time to document what we were doing so that a learning/improvement process could take place for next time. It would be great to choose a new platform before the fact that we don't already have a port becomes a crisis. Then we could take our time and do it right.

A secondary benefit is segments of the Athena community who could use the new platform.

Delivery/Integration cost = 5

Service cost = 2

Support cost = 4

If the new platform goes into the clusters, then there will be significant support impact; however, there will be more time for staff in the support process to prepare if we don't wait until we're forced to do a last-minute port.
Last modified: Wed Feb 21 14:35:51 EST 1996