Bradford Skow

Curriculum Vitae


MIT Dept. of Linguistics and Philosophy
email: bskow [at]
office: 32-D930
phone: (617) 253-4147


Teaching (Fall 2014):
24.115: Philosophy and Time.
24.S40: Formal Tools for Philosophy.
Office hour: W 2:30-3:30.
Links to past courses.


Objective Becoming.
Oxford University Press, 2015.



Work in Progress

Explanations, Reasons Why, and Causes.
An Argument against Woodward's Theory of Causal Explanation.
The Metaphysics of Dimensional Analysis.
Scientific Explanation.
(Comments welcome; please do not cite without permission)



"One Second Per Second."
Why Does Time Pass?
Notes on the Grandfather Paradox.
Experience and the Passage of Time.
On the Meaning of the Question "How Fast Does
   Time Pass?"

More on Haecceitism and Possible Worlds.


Extrinsic Temporal Metrics.
Deep Metaphysical Indeterminacy.
The Dynamics of Non-Being.
Relativity and the Moving Spotlight.
Haecceitism, Anti-Haecceitism, and Possible Worlds.
What Makes Time Different From Space?
Are Shapes Intrinsic?

Philosophy of Science / Physics


Are There Genuine Physical Explanations of
   Mathematical Phenomena?

Are There Non-Causal Explanations (of Particular

The Role of Chance in Explanation.
Does Temperature have a Metric Structure?


On a Symmetry Argument for the Guidance Equation
    in Bohmian Mechanics
Local and Global Relativity Principles.
Sklar's Maneuver.
Earman and Roberts on Empiricism about Laws.
Review of Physical Relativity by Harvey Brown.

Value Theory


Review of The Geometry of Desert by Shelly Kagan.
How to Adjust Utility for Desert.


A Solution to the Problem of Indeterminate Desert.
Preferentism and the Paradox of Desire.


Once Upon a Spacetime.


My wife, Deanna, teaches children's yoga in the Cambridge-Somerville-Arlington area.

Be True to Your School

You know about Oberlin College's importance to the history of jazz, its leadership in environmental studies, its influence on football, and of course its role in opening higher education to women and African-Americans and in starting the civil war. But did you know that it has also produced a lot of philosophers?

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