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Scenario 2: Dishes

Introduction : Ask Messie to talk

You chose: Ask Messie to talk, and explain that while she may not see the dirty dish and food wrappers on the counter and unwrapped plate in the refrigerator as a mess, others do.

Messie responds by saying, "You're blowing this all out of proportion. It's no big deal." You are annoyed at Messie's refusal to accept responsibility for the problem

You can...

Stay out of it
Repeat, in a louder voice, that it is indeed a problem and that if Messie doesn't change, it may become serious, as everyone is bothered by it.
Get the others to vote
Ask Messie to look at it from your point of view, and say that finding plates of dried out food in the refrigerator and dishes with dried goo on them sitting on the counter is unappealing to you.
Ask to talk
Ask Messie to please make more effort, and (in your own mind) give up.


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