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   'del' ['p'|'l'|'l0'|'c'|'s'|'b'|'t'|'S'|'L'|'se'|'sh' <entity>]|
This keyword is used to delete entities, the whole mesh (see also qdel) or a background-picture. For example,

del se part

will delete the set ``part'' but all included entities are untouched. The following entities are known:

Points p, Lines l, Combined Lines c, Surfaces s, Bodies b, Node Texts t, Nurb Surfaces S, Nurb Lines L, Sets se and Shapes sh.

When an entity is deleted, all dependent higher entities are deleted as well. Special cases are

del l0 set (l<zero>)

were all lines with zero length in set ''set'' are deleted and

del se0

will delete all empty sets. If a background-picture was loaded with the ''read'' command it can be deleted with:

del pic

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