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   'line' <name(char<9)>|'!' <p1> <p2> <cp|seq> <div> [<bias>]
This keyword is used to define or redefine a line. A line depends on points. A line can only be defined if the necessary points are already defined. There are three different types of lines available. The straight line

line l1 p1 p2 4

is defined by: its name l1 (the name could have up to 8 characters), by the points p1 and p2 and optionally by the division. The arc

line ! p1 p2 cp 4

needs a center point cp. The radius changes linear from p1 to p2 if the center-point cp is excentric. The name is chosen automatically (triggered by the character !). The spline

line l1 p1 p2 seq 4

needs a so called sequential-set, seq (use the command ``seqa'' or ``qseq'' to define such a set). This set seq stores the spline points between the end-points in the right order. The spline function is described in [15]. Usually, a line is defined interactively with ``qlin''.

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