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   'map' <slave-set> <master-set> [ ->
           [ 'x'|'y'|'z'|'rx'|'ry'|'rz']  ->
           ] 'ds'[<nr>]
This keyword is used to map (or interpolate) values from one mesh to another. For example

map slave master surf ds1

will map the values from Dataset 1 to the nodes of set slave. All available datasets will be mapped if no number follows the ``ds'' parameter. The parameter ``surf'' is used for mapping of values from surface to surface (2D to 2D). A typical application would be the mapping of pressure. The parameter ``volu'' triggers the mapping from a 3D mesh to another 3D mesh of the same shape (i.e. temperatures). The parameters ``x,y,z'' are used for mapping from 2D to 2D/3D in the indicated direction. The parameters ``rx,ry,rz'' are used for rotational mapping of 2D to 2D/3D around the x,y,z-axis. The ``master''-nodes must belong to elements. Unconnected nodes are not allowed. Usually the master nodes (on which the values are known) were included from an external result file with the ``read'' command (with the parameter ``add''). For further details see ``How to map loads'' in the appendix.

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