NT GINA information

As per our discussion during the Cartel 97 meeting, David Detlefs has created an email list for the discussion NT GINA and PAM related issues. The name of the list is ntgina@umich.edu. You can join by sending a message to me (dhd@umich.edu) or to the list itself. Dave has invited several GINA authors to join the list, and the list is open to general membership outside of Cartel. An archive of this is available via http://www.mit.edu:8008/menelaus.mit.edu/ntgina-archive/

We feel that it is important to track these projects because GINAs suffer from one important flaw. Users are limited to using one GINA per machine. There are times where different GINAs may provide important functionality to end users but end users will be restricted to only one GINA, often meaning that they must sacrifice an important feature of their desired environment. As an example Novell provides a GINA but if users want to also obtain Kerberos tickets or AFS Tokens during the login process they will have to forgo the features that the Novell GINA provides or vice versa.

We are also wondering how GINAs fit into NT version 5.0.

We're aware of three university NT GINA projects, and one NT PAM project:

If you know of related projects or URLs please send them to ntgina@umich.edu

Information about programming a GINA can be found on the Microsoft web site and on the MSDN documentation. Sample source code is available from Microsoft from these resources and some of the links above.

Some notes on the Windows NT logon process can be found at http://web.mit.edu/pbh/www/nt-urls.html#login