Category G: Great power and allied involvement
Phase 1 Factors

1G-01  Great powers encourage close relations between the sides
1G-02 Great powers do not encourage close relations between the sides
1G-03 A strong ally of one side had shown willingness to use force in the region
1G-04 A strong ally of one side was unwilling to use its force in the region
1G-05 Historic rivalry motivates great powers to exclude other's forces from the area
1G-06 Great power dispute leads to competition for favor of one side's leadership
1G-07 One side's increasing support from one great power, given its proximity to a second, tends to isolate that side in a showdown
1G-08 One side is receiving material support from an outside power
1G-09 Neither side is receiving outside support
1G-10 Great power concerns lead to stationing foreign troops in one side
1G-11 Increasing ties between one great power and "non-status quo" side lead to its use as a base for former's regional penetration
1G-12 Relations of "non-status quo" side with one great power warm, while cooling with another
1G-13 One superpower's concern with the other's military bases coincides with "non-status quo" side's desires
1G-14 Rivalry between great power allies of "non-status quo" side encourages lack of restraint in that side's leadership

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