Category M: Military-strategic
Phase 1 Factors

1M-01  "Status quo" side has military superiority
1M-02 "Non-status quo" side has military superiority
1M-03 Military situation clearly in favor of "status quo" side

Military situation in the area clearly in favor of "non-status quo" side

1M-05 Military technology of one side significantly superior
1M-06 One side militarily weak and powerless to resist
1M-07 Military technology of neither side superior
1M-08 A strong ally of one side has military force nearby
1M-09 There are foreign military bases
1M-10 There are no foreign military bases
1M-11 One side discounts independence of other side in light of foreign military bases
1M-12 A military resistance had been organized to fight an invader
1M-13 One side has extensive experience in guerrilla and terrorist tactics
1M-14 "Non-status quo" side acquired large stocks of arms and ammunition in a previous conflict
1M-15 An existing military force opposes "non-status quo" side but is not allied with "status quo" side
1M-16 One side possesses significant nuclear technology
1M-17 Both sides possess significant nuclear technology

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