Category N: Ethnic (refugees, minorities)
Phase 1 Factors

1N-01  History of distrust between ethnic groups
1N-02 One ethnic group has greater political/economic power than another
1N-03 Religion of sides differs
1N-04 Areas adjacent to "non-status quo" side contain people who aspired to join it
1N-05 Impending emergence of an independent homogeneous state stimulates aspirations of related people elsewhere
1N-06 Conflict among nomadic groups for scarce resources leads to conflict
1N-07 Both sides have economic and social problems with refugees
1N-08 One side able to use refugees or ethnic forces of the other side as proxies
1N-09 Pressure groups created of refugees and their supporters
1N-10 Sudden influx of population into area
1N-11 Substantial migrant worker population
1N-12 Difference in population density between sides

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