Download Updated 1999 Cascon Database

The Cascon database is stored in a file called "CASCON.CDB" in the directory or folder where you installed the Cascon software. 

To download a Cascon database updated for 1999:

  1. First be sure to exit from the Cascon software.
  2. Find the directory or folder where your Cascon software is installed.
  3. Preserve your original Cascon database by renaming the file CASCON.CDB to another name (for example, CASCON97.CDB).  If anything goes wrong in the download process, you can restore your original database by reversing the renaming.
  4. Click here to download a new CASCON.CDB file (253KB).   If offered the choice to "open" or "save to disk," choose to save the file to disk.  Be sure that the file is saved with the name CASCON.CDB and stored in your Cascon directory or folder. 
  5. Restart your Cascon software.  Click on Help in the main menu and then About to see the edition and date on the database.  The latest edition should read "Rev 99A" and be dated 1/26/99.

NOTE 1:  If you save the file to another directory/folder, just copy it into your Cascon directory/folder.  Similarly, if the file is saved with a different name, rename it to CASCON.CDB.

NOTE 2:  In some versions of Netscape and other browsers, clicking to download the new file in Step 4 may result in some odd text being displayed. If this problem occurs, use your browser's Back button to return to this page and try clicking again while holding down the SHIFT key. This should force the browser to download the file. Alternatively, try using the right mouse button when clicking on Step 4 above. Clicking with the right mouse button in many browsers displays a list of actions. Choose the Save Target As or Save Link As action to download the file. (The name of the Save As action may vary with the version of the browser you are using.)

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