Techno music made with the help of

mp3s from the first album in progress, Triangular Cows

Triangular Cows


Calm Tornado

Aluminum Whales


Outside the Box


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Pictures (Cochlea1t.gif anipartb.gif anipart.gif labyr.jpg part6.gif) courtesy and copyright from Stephan Blatrix, Montpellier (France), taken from the web site "Promenade round the cochlea" (

Picture (spiral.jpg) courtesy and copyright from Marc Lenoir, INSERM research unit 254, Montpellier (France), taken also from the web site "Promenade round the cochlea" (

These images may not be used without permission of Stephan Blatrix and/or Marc Lenoir. Please see their web page for information on how to ask for permission to use the images. In general, they wish the images to only be used for educational, non-commercial uses. I give them my thanks for the permissions they have granted me.

All music is copyright Calista Tait ( Copies for personal use are free, as long as copyright notices are preserved. Music is produced and distributed under the MTV Music Generator's royalty-free license.

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