Look at me stomp my feet like a fool doing Healing Vision (Angelic Mix) on Heavy (Original movie snippet here).

We love our Cobalt Flux pads.

If you want to see really good people playing Dance Dance Revolution, you should see the videos on www.ddrfreak.com

DDR kana/kanji->romanji translations

I've been playing since May of 2001.

Other rhythm games I play are Pop n' Music, Para Para Paradise, KeyboardMania, Martial Beat, DrumMania, taiko no tatsujin, Frequency, Pump It Up and a little BeatMania.

Boring list of accomplishments

Many of the following lists are poorly maintained. I've been keeping some accomplishments up to date, but not all.

10 foot songs passed in the arcade

Catas (9 foot songs) passed in the arcade

10 foot songs passed at home

AAs on catas at home

Catas on double mode at home

Heavy AAAs at home

  • Sexy Planet (Momo remix) (Max2JP) 20040711

    Single digit greats (SDG) on heavy at home. (first time, best score)

    At home Onis (date first passed, current high)

    Current status on max300 at home

    Standard: A
    Maniac: C 312/198/20/2/23/2

    Current status on maxx Unlimited at home

    Standard: C
    Maniac: failed 270/141/28/8/115/49

    Current status on Paranoia Survivor at home

    Standard: AA
    Maniac: C 305/161/21/4/18/4

    Current status on Paranoia Survivor Max at home

    not passed

    Current status on Legend of Max at home

    Standard: passed
    Not passed

    Current status on Max. at home

    Light: passed
    Standard: not passed
    Heavy: HAHAHA
    Oni: HAHAHA

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