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Core Facilities - 500 Technology Sq

Applied Biosystems 7900HT 384-well plate qPCR Facility
Location: NE47-365
The Facility is available from 8:30-5:00 (Mon-Fri)
The charge to use the facility is $30.00 per plate run for MIT users, $40 for non-MIT users.
Contact Person: Yang Wang

Biacore (Surface Plasmon Resonance) Facility
Location: NE47-235d
For quantitative assessment of protein binding; ligand-substrate binding
Charge: $60.00 per hour for MIT users, $125.00 for non-MIT users.
Contact Person: Dr. Ky Lowenhaupt

Cressington Quick Freeze-Deep Etch EM Prep Facility
Location: NE47-235d
Charge: $50.00 per round for MIT Faculty, $75.00 non-faculty
Contact Person: Dr. Haiyan Gong

Multiphoton Microscopy Facility
Location: NE47-285
Contact Person: Professor Peter So and So Lab

Alpha Innotech Gel Imaging Facility
Location: NE47-365
No charge for this facility, but must be trained
Contact Person: Han-Hwa Hung, Research Specialist, CBE


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