Professor Leslie Kolodziejski and Dr. Gale Petrich direct the Integrated Photonics Devices and Materials Research Group and operate the NanoPrecision Deposition Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The objective of our research is to create and develop advanced and future technologies utilizing photons. To achieve this ojective, (i) state-of-the-art deposition techniques are utilized to create new materials and layered structures monolayer-by-monolayer, (ii) new devices/structures/components are designed and fabricated to manipulate light, and (iii) discrete photonic components are monolithically integrated to create photonic integrated circuits.

Currently, research is being conducted in the use and integration of photonic crystals, in the development of an optical logic gate, in the development of long wavelength lasers, in the development of a nano-electro-mechanical optical switch and in the development of an electrically activated nano-cavity laser.

The NanoPrecision Deposition Laboratory contains a multi-wafer Veeco GEN200 solid source, dual-reactor molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) system. The GEN200 MBE system is capable of the epitaxial growth of dilute nitrides and antimony-based films in addition to arsenide- and phosphide-based epilayers.
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