NanoPrecision Deposition Laboratory
Integrated Photonic Devices and Materials Group

The solid source, dual-reactor Veeco GEN200 Molecular Beam System (MBE) system is capable of the epitaxial growth of dilute nitrides and antimony-based films in addition to arsenide- and phosphide-based films. The system platens hold 14-2", 7-3" or 4-4" wafers, or a single 6" or 8" wafer. The system incorporates a low wobble manipulator that will enable in-situ feedback control of the epitaxial processes using optical sensors such as band edge absorption spectroscopy and spectroscopic ellipsometry.

The Veeco GEN200 Molecular Beam System Load Lock within the NanoPrecision Deposition Laboratory.

The Veeco GEN200 Molecular Beam System at the Veeco Compound Semiconductor factory in St. Paul, Minnesota during the system factory acceptance.

The M-88 Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometer from J. A. Woollam Company Inc. is used to characterize thin films. The ellipsometer uses 88 discrete wavelengths of light between 280nm and 780nm to determine the thicknesses and indices of refraction of the thin films.

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