Past Students of the Integrated Photonic Devices and Materials Group

PhD Students Graduated Department Thesis Title Current Employer
Ta-Ming Shih 2012 EECS Indium Phosphide based Integrated Photonic Devices for Telecommunications and Sensing Applications McKinsey and Company
SheilaNabanga 2012 EECS The Development of Large Area Saturable Bragg Reflectors for the Generation of Widely-Tunable Ultra-Short Pulses
Reginald Bryant 2011 EECS High-Index Contrast Electromechanical Optical Switches
Natalija Jovanovic 2008 EECS Microstructured Tungsten Thermophotovoltaic Selective Emitters McKinsey and Company
Ryan Williams 2007 DMSE Photonic Integrated Circuits for Optical Logic Applications Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems
Aleksandra Markina 2005 EECS Design and Simulation for the Fabrication of Integrated Semiconductor Optical Logic Gates Mitre Inc
Sheila Tandon 2005 EECS Engineering Using Large Area Photonic Crystal Devices GE Energy
Solomon Assefa 2004 EECS The Development of Novel Passive and Active Photonic-Crystal Devices IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Sean Warnick 2003 EECS Piloting epitaxy with ellipsometry as an in-situ sensor technology Brigmham Young Unversity
Alexei Erchak 2002 DMSE Enhanced Performance of Optical Sources in III-V Materials Using Photonic Crystals Luminus Devices (co-founder)
Elisabeth Marley 2000 EECS The Development of Components for Ultrafast All-Optical Communication Networks TriQuint Inc
Kuo-Yi Lim 1999 EECS Design and Fabrication of One-dimensional and Two-dimensional Photonic Bandgap Devices Encentuate Inc, Singapore
Jody House 1997 EECS The Growth and Microstructural Characterization of ZnSe/GaAs Quantum Wells and Double Heterostructures Lupine LLC
Jay Damask 1996 EECS Integrated-Optic Grating-Based Filters For Optical Communication Systems Self-Employed
Easen Ho 1996 EECS Growth and Doping of Zinc Selenide Using Alternative Gaseous Source Epitaxial Techniques Digital Papyrus Corp (co-founder)
Chris Coronado 1994 DMSE Growth and Characterization of ZnSe by Metalorganic and Gas Source Molecular Beam Epitaxy Lockheed Sanders

Master of Engineering Graduated Department Thesis Title Current Employer
Orit Shamir 2008 EECS Development of Ultra-Broadband Modulators MIT
Sue Young 2006 EECS Characterization of Novel III-V Semiconductor Devices IBM Global Services
Solomon Assefa 2001 EECS Design and Fabrication of Sharp Bend Photonic Crystal Slab Waveguides IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Emily Warlick 1996 EECS The Effect of Nucleation on the Quality of MBE-ZnSe/III-V Heterostructures UrbanRide Inc (co-founder)
Kuo-Yi Lim 1994 EECS The Fabrication of Photonic Bandgap Bridge Resonator Structures Encentuate Inc., Singapore

Master of Science Students Graduated Department Thesis Title Current Employer
Pei-Chun (Amy) Chi 2010 DMSE Growth and Characterizaiton of Mid-Infrared Phosphide-Based Semiconductor Diode Lasers MIT
Ta-Ming Shih 2007 EECS Super-Collimation in Rod-based Photonic Crystal MIT
Sheila Nabanja 2008 EECS Design and Fabrication of Quantum-Dot Lasers MIT
Alex Grine 2007 EECS The Design and Fabrication of an Electrically Activated Photonic Crystal Microcavity Laser Sandia National Laboratory
Eric Mattson 2005 EECS Design and Fabrication of an Electrically-Activated Photonic Crystal Nanocavity Laser Bain Company
Sarah Rodriguez 2004 EECS Towards Photonic Integrated Circuits; Design and Fabrication of Passive InP Waveguide Bends Hamilton, Brook, Smith and Reynolds
Yamini Kangude 2005 EECS Red Emitting Photonic Devices Using InGaP/InGaAlP Material System Intel
Sheila Tandon 2002 EECS Design and Fabrication of a Superprism using 2D Photonic Crystals GE Energy
Aleksandra Markina 2001 EECS The development of III-V single-mode lasers based on semiconductor optical amplifier heterostructures Mitre Corp
Reginald Bryant 2001 EECS The design and fabrication of an optical nanoelectromechanical switch based in a III-V material system M.I.T.
Jeremy Milikow 1997 EECS Growth and Characterization of III-V Compound Semiconductors UrbanRide Inc (co-founder)
Xiaofeng Tang 1997 EECS The Fabrication of 3-D Photonic Band Gap Structures Unknown
Elisabeth Marley 1996 EECS The Development of InP-Based Optoelectronic Devices Texas Instruments
Ayca Yuksel 1994 EECS The AlInP Material System in Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Technology Microsoft Corp
Joe Ahadian 1995 EECS Phosphide-Based Optical Emitters for Monolithic Integration with GaAs MESFETs Peregrine Semiconductor
Jody House 1994 EECS Optical Characterization of ZnSe by Photoluminescence iSense Corp
Kan Lu 1994 EECS Lattice-Matched (In,Ga)P Buffer Layers for ZnSe Based Visible Emitters 3DSP Corp (co-founder)

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