2017 BioMAN Summit

Commercialization of Cell and Gene Therapy Products:
The Impact of Critical Choices

The 2017 BioMAN Summit will bring together thought leaders from industry, academia, and government for a series of invited presentations and panel discussions that will:

  • Identify which of the technology choices manufacturers make during product and process development are likely to have the greatest impact on commercial success;
  • Examine how these key decisions impact factors such as product quality and economics;
  • Explore the technological state-of-the-art in these critical areas and identify existing gaps which force manufacturers to make difficult trade-offs;
  • Learn how MIT faculty are developing novel and relevant technologies and expertise to address these gaps; and
  • Discuss ways in which industry, academia, and government can come together to address these challenges.

Cell and gene therapies have great therapeutic potential.

However, translating that potential into a successful commercial product is a significant challenge.

MIT's Center for Biomedical Innovation (CBI) BioMAN Program will host a 2-day Summit that provides an in-depth investigation into some of the critical choices made during cell and gene therapy product development and how they impact commercial success.

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