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Home Life

Denton, George, and Stella each have their own photo albums. Pictures containing more than one of them are generally in the youngest's album.

Denton: page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5

My livejournal is entirely public, and is perhaps the best-maintained of my online spaces.

You can also find me on facebook (though I hate it) and Google Buzz, which I don't hate, but seems less utilized among my peer group.

George page 1, page 2

All of these photos were first linked to from my livejournal, then sent to the grandparents as paper copies, since we are nothing if not thorough when we go about such things.

Stella; rest assured that while we now take her photo at a somewhat diminished rate, we love her as much as ever.

Outdoor Pursuits

For a change of pace, I decided to play a plant finding game in which I'd spend a single afternoon finding and photographing as many different plant species as possible. I ended up with 58 specimens and some interesting tests of my identification skills.

I went on a night hike on the third and fourth of July 2004. We climbed Mt. Jefferson and then Mt. Adams, from which we watched the sunrise. My trip report includes some night pictures that show stars.

Mike's MITOC hike up Mt. Kinsman in late May was my first hike of the 2004 season. It was damp and foggy, but we got a few brief views.

Mike lead a trip to the Alpine Garden trail on Mt. Washington. Mike, Brie and I climbed up the Huntington Ravine trail, while the rest of the group drove up the auto road and met us at the Alpine Garden trail to picnic and admire the wildflowers.

I also have a partial photo index which includes some new thumbnails for images previously posted to my livejournal. It's an exercise in remembering flowers and butterflies that I've identified before, more than it is an attempt to index exhaustively.

Indoor Hobbies

Solid paper models (link into my livejournal) were the first type I ever did. I came back to these as a change of pace, while other projects were stalled. (2004-01-25)

My oldest content in the form of bins photo albums. My workflow changed when the size of my photos outstripped my available disk space and as a result my bins albums fell into disrepair.

The paper models I'm most proud of are here. They're plaited out of thin strips of paper that are glued end to end after assembly. In some cases, the whole model is logically a single piece. I last posted one in the spring of 2003; since then I've almost finished translating the code that generated them from matlab to python, and getting that ready to print out is very much on my mind.

I also provide some overlays showing how they came about, on a conceptual level.

I'd been calling these simply "spherical models", but that's not quite right, since I've applied the technique to ellipsoids and other shapes. They are made from rings of paper that are glued back to back. I last worked on them at the cut-and-glue level towards the end of 2002, although I've worked on the software tools more recently.

I've done a couple of tea cozies, as getting started sort of knitting projects.