Polyiamond Quilt

Blue Octiamonds

This quilt was started in December 2008, and finished in August 2009. I started looking for octiamond patterns at "The Poly Pages" but I've somehow lost track of the source for the pattern I used (it's definitely not mine, so if you recognize it, let me know).

It's paper-pieced in long strips, as shown by the in-progress pictures.

Getting each strip stitched to its adjacent one was quite difficult; I don't endorse this construction method; I was trying too hard to avoid sewing many seams of like color to like color. If I were doing it over, cut everything out of triangles, lay it all out at once, and then chain piece them.

I ended up doing the straight line quilting at an angle from the seam lines, because I didn't think I could do a tidy job of ditch stitching over some of the very bulky intersection points.

Any good enneiamond tilings out there?

It seems that there hasn't been much play with putting enneiamonds into interesting shapes; I see a few basics, but no fancy snowflakes. They are sized about right for a large bed quilt, though, so let me know if you have something pretty.

Heptiamonds Cushion Cover

Prior to quilitng with octiamonds, I started a cushion cover of a heptiamond tessalation. It's constructed out of silk dupion foundation-pieced in strips on top of lightweight muslin, but remains unfinished.

I pre-shrunk the silk as per the instructions at silk road fabrics.

This in-progress picture should give a pretty good idea as to how it's made:

I had to tack the silk to the backing any time there was a long run without a seam in any given strip, and lining up the strips against each other was sort of tricky; I settled on a method that involves both careful pinning (and probing with a pin for where the points are) and then tacking for an inch or so over each tricky intersection to check alignment, before sewing each long seam.

Poor lighting makes the pink and the beige look similar; under natural light they're actually quite distinct. The scale is that each triangle edge is 2" long.