Camilla's Quilts

Mathematical Quilts

Heighway Dragon, completed December 2009.


The 35 hexominoes tiled into a rhombus, summer 2008.

LeMoyne stars looked like a technical challenge, so I set out to make a quilt of them. Then I decided that the quilting needed to be in epicycles, and I got very distracted doing that.

I didn't actually write any code to make the maze quilt, but its algorithmic nature puts it among the math quilts.

Traditional Quilts

This sampler is an advent calendar, with each square being a pocket; completed for December 2009.

I don't seem to have a photo of this project completed - more coming when I get around to it.

I wanted to dabble in a scrappier look, and so made a pile of hourglass units, thinking to make a quilt entirely from them. They seemed somehow incoherent like that, so I replanned. January 2011.

A simple jewelbox quilt, February 2012. Quilting detail.

A note about programs and copyrights

If you reproduce my photos/programs/text elsewhere, please leave my name attached. You are quite welcome to make anything you see; feel free to email me if you need any gaps filled in (at the level of detail I usually provide).