MIT's South Asian Fusion Dance Team

"The absolute pinnacle of the show was MIT Chamak, a troupe that skillfully managed to intertwine traditional Indian and modern dancing. The dance somehow took the traditional Indian dance form, Bharat Natyam, and brought to it a drum and bass beat, slinky black tops, and a little bit of hand-flapping that coordinated well with lighting effects. For those both familiar and unfamiliar with Indian dance, there was something ripe and electrifying about their well-choreographed dance that made it the best performance of the evening, technically and aesthetically..."
    --2004 SAAS Culture Show Event Review by Devdoot Majumdar

We perform and compete all over the Northeast Region.

       Recently, we have performed at:

       - The Manhattan Project 2.0 (2010)

       - Naach Nation (2009, 2010)

       - various competitions held at MIT

       In years past we have won awards such as:

       - 2nd Place winners at the 2007 Bollywood Talent Dance Competition

       - 2nd Place winners at Case Western University's 2005 Taal Dhamal

       - 3rd Place Winners of the 2004 Dance Mania

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