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Welcome to the Department Professor Hadley Sikes!.

Hadley SikesThe Chemical Engineering Department is pleased to welcome newly appointed Assistant Professor Hadley Sikes, who starts her appointment fall 2009.

Professor Sikes completed her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at Stanford University, focusing on electron transfer through conjugated oligomers. She then conducted postdoctoral work with Professor Frances Arnold at Caltech and Professor Chris Bowman at the University of Colorado. At Colorado, she developed polymerization reactions for signal amplification in the detection of molecular recognition, including detection of the influenza virus. Most recently, the Burroughs-Wellcome Fund Career Award enabled her to launch an independent research program while at Caltech, and she will be able to extend this funding into her early years at MIT. Professor Sikes's research interests include molecular biotechnology with particular focus on redox-active nanostructures. She uses molecules and supramolecular assemblies to address both fundamental questions and societal needs. At MIT, she plans to pursue directed evolution of thermostable enzymes that generate reactive oxygen species, redox polymerization-based amplification for low-cost, high-throughput detection of biomarker panels, rare cells, and epigenetic states of genes during tumorigenesis, and electrode-driven biocatalysis. More on Prof. Sikes >>