MIT Women's Volleyball Club Schedule: 2004-2005

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Fall 2005 Full Yankee Schedule | Spring 2005 Full Yankee schedule

Fall 2004
Date Level Location We in? Roster Results
10/17 B- MIT yes

Frances, Melinda, Sue-Ann, Kelly, Moka, Lijin, Lisa, Joanna, Priscilla

Pool play: 3-5
10/23 C+ SDVC yes
Laura, Sue-Ann, Joanna, Melinda, Kelly, Darcy, Chia

Pool play: 8-1 against MishMash, Stray Cats, BVA
Finals: lost 25-30 to MishMash

10/23 B- NECC yes

Frances, Zim, Sue-
Ann , Priscilla, Marleen, Hannah, AmyM

Pool play: 6-0 against Inferno, KSA, Volleyholics, Mine, Dig This, Wicket, Hey
Semis: beat Volleyholics
Finals: beat Inferno

10/24 B JWU yes

Had to drop

10/30 B NECC yes

Frances, Melinda(R), Zim, Kali?, Priscilla?, Darcy?

Had to drop ($ back)
11/6 B- LSHS yes

Frances, Melinda(R) Lisa, Kali, Kelly, Priscilla, Zim

Pool play: 2-4 against Mine, Helen's Team, Tsunami
Semis: lost to Helen's Team
11/7 B BRY yes

Had to drop ($ back)

11/20 B JWU yes
Jen, Alisa, Darcy, SueAnn, Priscilla, Jess, Kali, Marleen

Pool play: 3-3 against Bring It, Wonder Women, Melange, Fire It Up, Volleyholics, Tsunami

12/4 B MIT yes (our tourney)

Alisa, Moka, Darcy, P, Frances, JenA, Zim, Sue-Ann

Kelly, Melinda and Alice played with WAVE

Pool play: 5-3 against Team WEPA, We Could Carry Less, Leftovers, Wonder Women; lost play-in to WEPA


B- LSHS yes
Frances, Alisa, Darcy, Zim, Priscilla, Karen, Kathy
Lisa dropped

Pool play: 5-3 against Good Karma, Fullspeed, Melange, Tsunami
Semis: beat Fullspeed
Finals: lost to Good Karma

12/18 B BRY  yes

Had to drop

12/19 B- BRY yes

Frances, Kali, Chia, Darcy, Alisa, KellyS, Minh, Elise

Pool play: 4-4 against Challengers, Dig It VBC, KSA Boston, Inferno
1/8 B- LSHS yes
JenA, Chia, Zim, Alisa, Darcy, JessL
Kelly, Lisa dropped
Had to drop ($ back)


Spring 2005
Date Level Location We in? Roster Results
4/2 B- NECC
8am start!
yes Melinda, Chia, Darcy, Kelly, Frances, Zim, Amy Mok

Pool play: 3-3?
Quarters: beat KSA 25-21
Semis: lost to Fire in the Hole, 26-24, 17-25, 12-15

4/30 B (rgnls) LSHS


Amy Mok (maybe), Sue-Ann, Kelly, Frances, Zim, Alisa, Lauren
Pool Play: 5-4 against Volleyholics, MINE, Fire and Ice
5/7 B or C+ MIT (ours) yes Laura, Amy Mok(maybe), Chia, Sue-Ann, Joanna, Darcy, Kelly, Frances, Sasha, Zim, Alisa, Lauren Pool Play: 4-4 against Ann Miklus, Pink Ladies, Fire in the Hole, Wonder Women
5/21 B- WNA yes Sue-Ann, Darcy, Kelly, Frances, Paola, Melinda, Lauren
Can't play anymore: Alisa, Zim, AmyM?
Pool Play: 3-5 against Fire in the Hole, Fullspeed, DigThis, Mass Express