MIT Women's Volleyball Club Schedule: 2005-2006


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Fall 2005
Date Level Location Roster Results
9/25 C+ LSC
Joanna, Kristel, Karen, Paola, Beth, Kelly, Tracy [Frances dropped]
Pool play: 2-6 (placed 3 of 4)
10/22 C+ LSHS

Alisa, Kelly, Lauren, Kristel, Lijin, Beth, Karen, Paola

Pool play: 3-5 against Hufflepuff, BVA, Dig This and Mine!

10/29 C- SDVC
Nina, Rahmat, Bianca, Megan, Ellen, Deb

Pool play: 5-4 against Stray Cats, Humdiggers and Spiked Punch

Play-in: def. Spiked Punch, 25-23

Finals: lost to Humdiggers

11/6 C+ LSHS
Kristel, Lijin, Darcy, Paola, Nayeli, Sue-Ann, Nina [Frances dropped]

Pool play: 5-3 against DigThis, Tamales, Blue Fish Bowl and Passing Fancy

Play-in: lost to DigThis, 26-24

11/12 B WNA
Frances, Zim, Lauren, Lijin, Alisa, Paola, Sue-Ann

Pool play: 4-4 against Mine!, Crush, BVA and Tsunami

Semis: lost to Crush, 25-14

11/12 C WNA
Kristel, Karen, Beth, Tracy, Alice, Kelly (setter), Paola

Pool play: 5-3 against Yeah Me, Dig This, FEESH and StrayCats

Semis: def. Stray Cats, 26-24, 25-19

Finals: lost to FEESH, 25-22, 26-24

12/4 C+ CCRIL
Frances, Kristel, Karen, Kelly, Beth, Tracy, Darcy [Lijin dropped due to injury]
TC=Darcy (replacing Lijin)

Pool play: 3-3 against Good Karma, Blue Fish Bowl and Just Us Chix

Quarters: lost to Team Purrfect 26-24, 17-25, 7-15

12/10 A MIT (Rick Pierce)
Frances, Zim, Lauren, Kristel, Lijin, Darcy, Cara, Paola, Alisa

Pool play: 0-8 against Set Me, Creole, Team Boston and ?

12/10 C- SDVC

Rahmat, Bianca, Nina, Megan, Amy, Ellen, Courtney?

Pool play: 2-6

12/17 C MIT
Kristel, Karen, Diana, Rahmat, Nayeli, Nicola, Tracy

Action: find setter - Nina or Tomoko or ?

Pool play: 1-5 against Total Package, Stray Cats and IPEAC Women

12/17 B- MIT
Frances, Zim, Lauren, Lijin, Darcy, Alisa, Beth, Sue-Ann

Pool play: 5-3 against Regulators, Spank Puppies, Fire in the Hole and BVA

Play-in: beat Spank Puppies 15-12

Semis: lost to Mine! 25-16

1/21 B- JWU
Frances, Karen, Zim, Lijin, Paola, Beth, Alisa, Darcy [Lauren dropped; Kelly dropped but may be available as a back-up]

Pool play: 5-3 against Mine, BVA, Regulators and Ligers

Semis: beat Tsunami 25-18?, 25-21?

Finals: lost to Mine! 24-26, 17?-25


Spring 2006
Date Level Location Roster Results
2/25 C SDVC

Kelly, Rahmat, Karen, Beth, Paola, Deb, Gergana

Pool play: 7-1 against Sugar & Spice, Stray Cats, Impact, Avengers

Semis: lost to Stray Cats, 25-9, 25-21

3/4 B- LSHS

Frances, Lauren, Zim, Lijin, Darcy, Kelly, Arlis

Pool play: 7-1 against North Shore, KSA, Team Advil, BVA

Semis: beat Volleyholics 22-25, 25-15, 19-17

Finals: beat Mine! 25-17, 25-17

3/12 B- REG

Jen, Lijin, Darcy, AmyS, Lauren, Beth, Enrica

Pool play: 2-6 against Blue Fish Bowl, Volleyholics, KSA, Pink Ladies

3/19 B- MIT (ours)

Team 1: Frances, Zim, Darcy, Paola, Beth, Enrica, Joy
Team 2: Jen, Lauren, Karen, Lijin, Alisa, Sue-Ann, Arlis


Team 1:
Pool play
: 1-5 against Mine, Itty Bitty, ?
Quarters: lost to Blue Fish Bowl

Team 2:
Pool play: 3-3 against Blue Fish Bowl, Tsunami, BVA
Quarters: lost to Itty Bitty 25-?, 25-15

3/19 C MIT (ours)

Diana, Bianca, Tracy, Nina, Gergana, Deb, Ellen, Jenn

Pool play: 2-6 against FEESH, Impact, High Spirits and Kelly Leary

4/8 B- LSHS
Frances, Lauren, Zim, Arlis, AmyS, Lijin, Darcy, Alisa

Pool play: 4-4 against Mine, Fire in the Hole, Volleyholics, FullSpeed

4/9 C+ BRY
Enrica, Paola, Karen, Tracy, Megan, Beth

Pool play: 4-4 against Spike Boston, Mass Express, Sea Lions, Dana Levitt

Play-in: beat Sea Lions

Semis: lost to Mass Express

4/15 C+ WNA

Karen, Diana, Gergana, Sue-Ann, Bianca, Kelly; BETH INJURED

Pool play: 2-6 against BVA, FullSpeed, BlueFishBowl?, ?

4/23 C+ LSC (AF)

Karen, AmyS, Alisa, Sue-Ann, Darcy, Bianca, Enrica; BETH INJURED

Pool play: 6-0 against Lasell, FreeMasons, DigThis

Semis: beat Lasell 25-21

Finals: beat F-E-E-S-H 25-21

4/29 triples MIT

5/7 B Regionals: JWU
Frances, Zim, AmyS, Lijin, Darcy, Alisa, Paola; NO BETH, ARLIS DROPPED

Pool play: 6-2 against BVA, Volleyholics, Tsunami, KSA

Could not advance to playoffs since our team was over-rated.

5/13 B- YC: CCRIL
Frances, Karen, Darcy, Lauren, Paola, Zim; JOY INJURED

Pool play: 4-4 against MINE, Fire in the Hole, Pink Ladies, Volleyholics, Tsunami, KSA, Mass Express, Just Us Chix?

Play-in: beat Fire In the Hole 25-23

Quarters: beat Tsunami 25-20, 26-24

Semis: beat MINE 25-19, 22-25, 15-12

Finals: beat Pink Ladies 25-16, 25-27, 15-13

Yankee B- champions!
(In 17 games - whew!)

5/20 C YC: JWU
Diana, Karen, Gergana Bianca, Beth, Wei, Paola, NO AMYC
Pool play: 4-4 against ??
5/31-6/3 USAV Nationals New Orleans Alisa, AmyS, Arlis, Darcy, Frances, Lauren, Lijin, Paola, Zim See: Nationals Results