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2008 CIS Summer Study Grant Awardees
Funded by the MIT-Japan International Studies Fund


Matthew Amengual "The Politics of Labor and Environmental Regulation" State-Society Relations for Effective Implementation in Argentina."
Nathan Cisneros "Political Causes and Consequences of Labor Market Dualism."  
Mi Diao "Understanding the Energy and Environmental Impacts of Land Use Planning Policy in China."  
Kelly Grieco "Balancing Acts: Interwar French Balancing, Anglo-French Military Effectiveness and the Fall of France in 1940."  
Rachel Healy "Sustainable Policies on the Ground - the story of UN Regugee Agency adaptation."  
Stephanie Kaplan "Iraq and the Global Jihad."  
Weifeng Li "Housing Choices and Constraints of Rural-to-urban Migrants and the Impact on Urban Spatial Development in Chinese Cities."  
Reo Matsuzaki "Why empire fails: civil-military conflict and the problem of colonial administration."  
Kyung-Min Nam "Building Competitive Industrial Clusters under Globalization: The case of China's Automobile Industry."  
William Norris "Chinese Economic Statecraft."  
Andrew Radin "Rethinking Bosnia: Tracing the impact of the international idea of state."  

Yumi Shimabukuro

"Working Poverty: Redistributive Safety Nets for the Working Poor in Advanced Industrialized Countries."  
Kyoung Mun Shin "Is There a Room for Energy and Environment Policy Innovations in China?: Clean Energy Technology Adoptions in Chinese Cities."  
Paul Staniland "Explaining Insurgent Cohesion and Fragmentation in Northern Ireland."  
Caitlin Talmadge "The Influence of Civil-Military Relations on Military Effectivenes: the Case of Iraq, 1980-2003."  
Hongliang (Henry) Zhang "Elite Schools and Student Academic Achievement: Evidence from Randomized Experiment in China."  
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