Carolyn Jean Smith
I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing,
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance


Thank you for visiting my web page! You are visitor number several since May 15, 1998. This is currently mostly a list of links, it eventually should start to be more coherent...

breaching whale Spent an absolutely phenomenal two weeks in Hawaii in March of 1998. Click on the whale for my photo tour...rainforests and volcanos and whales, oh my!
Also check out Jason Goodman's diary and photo record of his Labrador Sea Research Cruise from February 1997.

And while I'm pointing at photo pages, here's one of my kittens.

Professional things I do:

Other musical stuff I do:

Completely random Hobbies
In my copious free time (!) I like to quilt, cross stitch, play with my cats, make decadent chocolate desserts, go to shows, read SF and fantasy literature, read poetry, bicycle, hike...... and I just discovered a neat new hobby--candlemaking! Cool! The photo on the right is a quilt I made as a wedding gift for some friends a few years ago, the photo was taken partially through the quilting process. It was my second ever quilting project. The barely visible pink and black table runner on the coffee table behind the quilt was my first project... quilt picture


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