Club Argentino en MIT

Welcome to Club Argentino en MIT!

The MIT Argentine Club (Club Argentino en MIT) is a recognized MIT student group with the purpose of promoting communication, friendship and academic exchange among its members, other members of the MIT community and the Argentine community of New England.

Within this its activities includes the organization of social events aimed at bringing together members of MIT who share an interest in the Argentine culture, provide support for incoming Argentines to meet and adjust to life in the US and to provide permanent contact between the Alumni Club of Argentina and MIT, promoting the Institute in Argentina in order to rise the number of students and to increase the relationship.

The Club has strong relationship with associations of students from other universities in the area of Cambridge and Boston, with which performs various joint activities.

Current Board 2014-15:
President: Leandro Copquin, MBA Candidate 2016
Treasurer: Ignacio Puente, PhD Candidate