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ASA Lifts Recruitment Moratorium

In the past, the ASA has placed a ban on recruiting during the three weeks leading up to the Orientation Activities Midway (August 30, 2013). However, the ASA has decided to lift this recruitment moratorium for this year. The recruitment rules for the summer are still in effect. See our full recruitment rules for more information.

Spring General Body Meeting

The 2013 ASA Spring General Body Meeting will be Wednesday March 20th, starting at 7PM. Food will be served at 6:30pm. The General Body Meeting will be held in 32-123. All recognized groups are required to attend (except club sports and FSILGs, which may be represented by their governing organizations). See the announcement email for details.

Institute Events Office Infinite Corridor Fixed Poster Displays

As part of the recent Infinite Corridor renovations and removal of display easels from public pedestrian pathways on campus, there are now fixed poster displays along this corridor. Groups may reserve a pair (east and west, each marked accordingly) of these display units for a maximum of 7 days per event. There are six opportunities in each direction along the Infinite Corridor for these poster displays.

Reservations are available and will be managed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please contact Gayle Gallagher ( for more information, including an application.

Fall 2012 group update cycle

Each ASA-recognized student group must complete the update form, and have at least five current MIT student members fill out the membership confirmation form. Each group should submit these forms by November 26, 2012. Late submissions will be penalized by fines and eventually suspension and derecognition. See the announcement email for more information

Recruitment Rules Survey

As with previous years, the ASA this year had recruitment rules that, in short, forbade ASA-recognized groups from recruiting during the three weeks leading up to the ASA Midway. As with the last several years, this year we revised the rules to try to make them clearer and easier to both understand and enforce. We would like to get feedback from groups about these rules while moratorium is still (relatively) fresh in your minds. Please fill out our survey or email us your views.

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