ASA - Association of Student Activities


Fall Activities Midway

This Fall's Activities Midway will be held from 2:30pm to 4:30pm on Friday, August 29 in the first floor of Johnson. Booth assignments, performance schedules, and Midway rules are also available.

August 2014 Recruitment Moratorium Lifted

In the past, the ASA has placed a ban on recruiting during the three weeks leading up to the Orientation Activities Midway (August 29, 2014). However, following last year's trial, the ASA has decided to lift this recruitment moratorium. The recruitment rules for the summer are still in effect. See our full recruitment rules for more information.

Group Space: Ongoing Moving Process

Following the biennial space reassignment cycle last IAP, groups are still in the process of moving into their new spaces. The ASA will contact groups who need to move with more information. Please contact with any questions.

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