ASA - Association of Student Activities


Fall 2016 New Group Moratium

For Fall 2016, there will be a new group moratorium. During this time, the ASA Executive Board will not be recognizing new groups. Please find more information regarding this here.

ASA Activities Midway Booth Assignments

Fall 2016 Orientation Activities Midway Allocations are as follows: booth assignments and performance schedule.

ASA Executive Board Spring Elections

At the ASA General Body Meeting, we elected the 2015-2016 ASA Executive Board. The list of current Board members is available on the Board members page of our website. Several positions were unfilled in the elections; if you are interested in being appointed to one of these positions until the next General Body Meeting in the fall, please email

2015-2016 Private Bulletin Board Final Allocations

Allocations for private bulletin boards for this cycle are now available here. To see the rules, maps, and moving timeline, please visit the bulletin boards page.

Group Space: Ongoing Moving Process

Following the biennial space reassignment cycle last IAP, groups are still in the process of moving into their new spaces. The ASA will contact groups who need to move with more information. Please contact with any questions.