ASA - Association of Student Activities


Required Attendance: ASA General Body Meeting Wednesday, March 11

The spring ASA General Body Meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 11, at 6pm. The meeting will begin at 6pm; dinner will be provided afterwards. Every student group is required to send a representative, with the exception of individual FSILGs and club sports; those groups' governance groups must still attend. Groups that do not send a representative will incur a $50 fine, and may be suspended or de-recognized if the group has repeatedly missed GBMs.

ASA Executive Board Spring Elections

At the GBM, elections for the 2015-2016 ASA Executive Board will be held. We will elect eight positions: President, Treasurer, Secretary, two Graduate Members-at-Large (GMALs), two Undergraduate Members-at-Large (UMALs), and one Student Member-at-Large (SMAL). More details are available on the elections page.

2015-2016 Private Bulletin Board Final Allocations

Allocations for private bulletin boards for this cycle are now available here. To see the rules, maps, and moving timeline, please visit the bulletin boards page.

Group Space: Ongoing Moving Process

Following the biennial space reassignment cycle last IAP, groups are still in the process of moving into their new spaces. The ASA will contact groups who need to move with more information. Please contact with any questions.