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Carl A. Francis

Harvard University
Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences
Mineralogical Museum
24 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 495-4758


I curate the extraordinary mineral collection at Harvard University and the extensive collections of rocks and ores as well. My degrees are in mineralogy, and most of my research and publications are in systematic mineralogy. My principal interest is promoting the use of these collections for both scientific and cultural purposes. We are developing a Web-based catalogue to make collection access easy.

Selected Publications

Ertl, A., E. Tillmans, T. Ntaflos, C. Francis, G. Giester, W. Korner, J.M. Hughes, C. Lengauer and M. Prem. 2008 Tetrahedrally Coordinated Boron in Al-rich Tourmaline and its Relations to the Pressure-temperature Conditions of Formation. European Journal of Mineralogy 20: 881-888.

Francis, C.A., Walter Postl, Peter Tropper, Franz Bernhard, Franz Walter and Karl Ettinger. 2004 Über Sonolith und Tephroit von den Veitscher Manganerzvorkommen. Joannea Mineralogie 2: 87-102.

2003 The Szenics Collection of Contemporary Chilean Minerals: A New Addition to the Harvard Mineralogical Museum. Rocks & Minerals 78: 46-51.

Francis, C. A., and M. A. Wise. 2001 Rare Element Granitic Pegmatites of Northern New England. In Guidebook for Geological Field Trips in New England, West, D.P, Jr., and R. H. Bailey (Eds.) Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America, Boston, Massachusetts. B1-10.