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Heather Trigg

University of Massachusetts Boston
Andrew Fiske Memorial Center for Archaeological Research
Department of Anthropology
100 Morrissey Boulevard
University of Massachusetts Boston
Boston, MA 02125
(617) 287-6838

Research Scientist, Fiske Center

Adjunct Professor of Anthropology,
Department of Anthropology

Heather Trigg directs the Fiske Center's paleoethnobotany laboratory, which analyzes macrobotanicals (seeds and wood), pollen, and parasites. While her primary focus is on the paleoethnobotany of North America, in particular New England and the Southwest, she has analyzed plant materials from such places as Germany, Iran, Mongolia, and Iceland. Her research interests include the impact of colonialism, specifically the Spanish colonization of the American Southwest. She is co-editor of the Journal of Ethnobiology.

Selected Publications

Trigg, H., D. Bolender, K. Johnson, M. Patalano, and J. Steinberg. 2009 Note on Barley Found in Dung in the Lowest Levels of the Farm Mound Midden at Reynistadur, Skagafjordur Iceland. Archaeologia Islandica 7:64-72.

Trigg, H. and A. Leasure. 2007 Cider, Wheat and Maize: Paleoethnobotany at Sylvester Manor. Northeast Historical Archaeology 36:113-126.

2005 From Household to Empire: Society and Economy in Early Colonial New Mexico. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

Trigg, H. and D. Gold. 2005 Mestizaje and Migration: Modeling Population Dynamics in Seventeenth-Century New Mexico's Spanish Society. In Engaged Anthropology: Research Essays on North American Archaeology, Ethnobotany, and Museology, M. Hegmon and B. Eiselt (Eds.), pp. 73-88. Michigan Museum of Anthropology Paper 94. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan, Museum of Anthropology.