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Noreen Tuross

Harvard University
Department of Human Evolutionary Biology
Peabody Museum 58D
11 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138
617 (495)-8037

Landon T. Clay Professor of Scientific Archaeology

We focus on questions of subsistence, migration, seasonality and environment in archaeology and paleontology utilizing a number of approaches including light stable isotopes, and ancient DNA and protein. The Laboratory of Archaeological Biochemistry is involved in developing novel biomarkers to investigate archaeological questions and also has a robust program in the study of mechanisms of isotopic fractionation in a number of systems.

Selected Publications

Karola Kirsanow, Cheryl Makarewicz, Noreen Tuross. 2008 Stable Oxygen (δ18O) and Hydrogen (δD) Isotopes in Ovicaprid Dentinal Collagen Record Seasonal Variation. Journal of Archaeological Science 35(12): 3159-3167.

M. Salamon, A. Coppa, M. McCormick, M. Rubini, R. Vargiu, N. Tuross. 2008 The Consilience of Historical and Isotopic Approaches in Reconstructing the Medieval Mediterranean Diet. Journal of Archaeological Science 35(6): 1667-1672.

Cheryl Makarewicz, Noreen Tuross 2005 Foddering by Mongolian Pastoralists is Recorded in the Stable Carbon (δ13C) and Nitrogen (δ15N) Isotopes of Caprine Dentinal Collagen. Journal of Archaeological Science 33(6): 862-870.

David L. Erickson, Bruce D. Smith, Andrew C. Clarke, Daniel H. Sandweiss, and Noreen Tuross. 2005 An Asian Origin for a 10,000-year-old Domesticated Plant in the Americas. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, U S A. 102(51): 18315–18320. Published online 2005 December 13. doi: 10.1073/pnas.0509279102.