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Tutorial: manual



Tutorial-1 for CoCoA-5

CoCoA-5 includes an on-line manual which explains what the various commands and functions do. To consult the manual you use ? followed by a keyword; for instance to find out how to compute GCDs in CoCoA, you could type ?gcd . This will print out the corresponding manual page. Notice at the bottom that there is usually a list of related manual pages (with ? at the start so you can easily cut-and-paste to go to the indicated manual page).

If your keyword does not identify a unique manual page then you will see a list of manual entries which do contain the keyword; again each entry is preceded by ? to make it quicker to use cut-and-paste.

A double-query will simply list the titles of all manual pages containing the keyword: for example try ??gcd .

Unlike for normal commands, there is no need to type a semicolon at the end of a manual query (but you can type one if you want).
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