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Following the release in 1998 of the recommendations of the Task Force on Student Life & Learning, the Committee on the Undergraduate Program (CUP) charged a subcommittee to identify aspects of the current common educational program that support the vision outlined in the Task Force report. In doing so, the report of the Educational Design Project (EDP) observed that:

The General Institute Requirements should reflect the core academic competencies necessary for the lifelong success of our students. History shows that society changes more quickly than standard university curricula, so it should be taken as a challenge to develop a set of General Institute Requirements that can accommodate routine restructuring on a 5-10-year cycle to ensure continuing relevance. Because well over half of the General Institute Requirements are fulfilled by students in the first year, this means that the freshman program must be highly adaptive.

To view a copy of the complete report and get additional information about EDP, click here.

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