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On Monday, April 4, 2004, the Student Advisory Committee (SAC) to the Task Force released its Preliminary Report to the MIT community. The report represents the thoughts, opinions, ideas, and compromises of the ten-member student group. Through the report, the SAC provides input on four aspects of the undergraduate academic experience:

  • Advising
  • HASS Requirement
  • Communication Requirement
  • Science Core

To download a copy of the report, click here.

Following the release of the report to the MIT community, the SAC received feedback from students in three ways:

  1. A community forum held on April 13th
  2. Posts from students and alumni on its discussion board
  3. Visits to student groups that requested the opportunity to provide input

In response to this input from the larger student body, the SAC has issued the Addendum to its Preliminary Report. This new document summarizes the reaction from the student body to its original report and outlines revised SAC recommendations on Advanced Placement credit, the HASS Requirement, and the Communication Requirement.  

To download a copy of the addendum, click here.

The SAC is always looking for additional input. To let us know what you think, email us at

MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology 77 Massachusetts Avenue
Room 10-183, Cambridge, MA 02139-4307
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