One of the most useful components of the President’s Transition is hearing from you, the students. To aid in creating a community discussion, PTAC has worked to identify three essential themes which underscore areas of interest to students.

The Educational Experience

In this theme, we explore topics pertaining to the educational experience of students. Broadly, we seek to understand how students learn and what they want to learn and how to support them. We will seek to find avenues to enhance the apprenticeship education model currently employed on campus.


MIT has been made great by a clear sense of common identity and a strong tradition of collaboration and interaction across the Institute. In this theme, we seek to hear from students about the most essential parts of their community experience at MIT—how the people, resources, and spaces on campus support a common set of values and sense of belonging for all those who call MIT their home.

External Strategy and Vision

With your help, we will seek to identify present and future areas of interface between MIT and the surrounding local, national, and global communities that impact the quality of life and education at the Institute. Topics of educational and research leadership, campus planning, and international partnerships take the forefront of this discussion as decisions in these areas will fulfill the Institute’s mission to “best serve the nation and the world in the twenty-first century.”