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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT Conference Services

Request for Proposal

1. Name of Event

2. Event Contact







3. Nature of Event

Briefly describe subject matter or provide live web link to most recently held, if recurring. Please include names of any sponsoring organizations.

4. Proposed Dates

If no specific date has been set, please indicate preferred month/year/days of week and total number of days.

5. Attendees

Anticipated number of attendees:


6. MIT Sponsor

If you are an organization outside MIT and have identified an MIT sponsor, please provide their contact information:

Sponsor name:


Sponsor email:




7. Meeting Space Requirements

Please check if space is needed for the following and include expected capacity and estimated number of hours needed (or submit draft schedule, if available).




Days/Hours Needed

Plenary sessions


Catered lunch room

Catered reception area

Catered dinner on campus

Special event venue off-campus

Exhibit space

Poster session

Additional information:

  • For breakout sessions, please indicate the number of rooms required and capacity per room
  • For exhibit spaces, please estimate square footage needed or projected number of booths and size of booths
  • For poster sessions, please include projected number of papers and area allotted per paper
  • Please list any other space requirements, i.e., committee lunches, staff headquarters, speaker ready rooms, etc., and include days/times preferred (if known) and required capacities

8. Food Service

Please check those that apply to your program. Also include day or date, if known or skip if submitting draft schedule.


  Food Service Needed 


Continental breakfast

Full breakfast

AM coffee break

PM coffee break

Sit-down lunch



Off site catering

9. Accommodations

Please provide projected needs below.

On-campus Housing

(available mid-June to mid-August only)

Number of singles:


Number of full/shared doubles:


Arrival/departure dates (if known)
or number of nights needed before
and after event start date:


Local Area Hotels

Arrival/departure dates (if known)
or number of nights needed before
and after event start date:


Projected block size:


10. Logistical needs

Please detail any extraordinary logistical needs here:

11. Registration Services

If you are you interested in our registration services, please provide the following information.

Targeted registration live date:

How do you want attendees to register?
Electronically (on the internet)
Hard copy (mail or fax)
(Conference Services does not process phone-in registrations)

Registration is:   Open to the public   By invitation only   Not yet determined

Is there a registration fee?

Please list all known categories of registrant (i.e. association member, student, early fee, late fee, full conference, one-day, workshops only, etc.):

Please list extra line items for which attendees may register (i.e. proceedings, special event or meal tickets, guest tickets for special events or meals, etc.):

If there will be complimentary registrations, please list categories (i.e., speaker, students, VIPs, etc.):

Will complimentary registrations be asked to submit a registration? If not, how will their contact info be provided?

Please list number of days and hours per day that you will require on-site registration/information staff:



Room 12-156
Cambridge, MA 02139
phone (617) 253-1700
fax (617) 258-7005

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