11/27/07· The Ortiz Group is pleased to welcome Davide Carnelli, recipient of The Progetto Rocca Scholarship. Davide comes to MIT from the Laboratory of Biological Structure Mechanics (LaBS) at The Technical University of Milan, where he is supervised by Professor of Biomechanics Roberto Contro.


10/29/07· Christine Ortiz gives speech at CONVERGE banquet (graduate preview weekend for underrepresented minority undergraduate students that provide a series of information sessions, workshops, and tours of the MIT campus).


09/24/07· Christine Ortiz will serve as a panelist discussing "Positive Actions-Mentoring and Empowerment" at a workshop on Excellence Empowered by a Diverse Academic Workforce: Achieving Racial & Ethnic Equity in Chemistry sponsored by NSF/DoE/NIH in Arlington, Virginia September 24 – 26, 2007.


08/31/07 · Members of the Ortiz group will give seven presentations at the 2007 Materials Research Society Fall Meeting in Boston, MA. To view a word document with a table of this year's presentations, click here.

05/21/07 · Read new paper by former Ph.D. student and group alumni Kuangshin Tai, "Nanoscale heterogeneity promotes energy dissipation in bone," Kuangshin Tai, Ming Dao, Subra Suresh, Ahmet Palazoglu, Christine Ortiz, Nature Materials 2007, 6, (6), 454-462. PDF, Supplementary Information PDF

Press :

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· Medical News Today
· MIT Press Release : 05/24/07 "MIT researchers probe bones' tiny building blocks"
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05/01/07 · Ortiz group UROP undergraduate, Jacqueline Greene, was accepted to UC Davis Medical School! Congratulations!

JJ Greene

04/27/07 · Ortiz group Phd student, Lin Han, accepts job offer from quantitative analyst position in Aristeia Capital, which is a hedge fund located in New York City. Congratulations!! Lin is aiming to graduate this summer.


04/02/07 · Christine Ortiz will participate in MIT's new Diversity Initiative (more info here). The initiative will involve a core team of faculty representing all five of MIT's schools to analyze and develop the Institute's new initiative on faculty race issues.

03/01/07 · Former Ortiz group Phd student and alumni, Kuangshin Tai, begins a new job at Wolf, Greenfield, and Sacks Intellectual Property Law Firm in Boston, MA. Kuangshin will continue on to law school in approximately one year's time. Congratulations!!!


02/28/07 · Congratulations to former Ortiz Group post-doc Jerry Qi, who has received his NSF career award this year. The research topic which earned him the award is about constitutive modeling of soft active materials. Nice work!

Jerry Qi

02/23/07 · Congratulations to Ortiz Group member Jae Choi, whose wife gave birth to baby David Jae Choi Friday, February 23rd. How cute he is! We are very happy for you, Jae!

David Jae Choi

02/17/07 · Members of the Ortiz group at the Division of High Polymer Physics Short Course at the American Physical Socity Meeting (Denver, Colorado), The course was organized by Christine Ortiz and entitled, " Advances in the Use of Atomic Force Microscopy for Studies of the Physics of Macromolecular Materials." Left image : Top row left to right : Hsu-Yi Lee (EECS graduate student) Elaine Lee (DMSE sophomore), Christine Ortiz (Prof. DMSE), Lin Han (DMSE graduate student), John Rogosic (DMSE junior), bottom row left to right; Ben Bruet (DMSE graduate student), Bo Bae Lee (DMSE graduate student), and Miao Ye (DMSE graduate student) Right image : Former postdoc and Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, Jerry Qi and Christine Ortiz.

02/17/07 · Ben Bruet and Christine Ortiz gave a talk at the Museum of Science in Boston MA this afternoon. The title of the talk was "Nature Is an Incredible Nanoengineer: The Story of Seashells". To view a pdf version of the slideshow, click here.

01/27/07 · Israel Trip 2007 (Weizmann, Technion, Hebrew U); (left) Dr. Yoram Silberzan, Prof. Christine Ortiz, Prof. Dan Gazit, Dr. Gadi Pelled at Hebrew University (Jerusalem) and (right) MIT and Technion students with Prof. Christine Ortiz at the Technion in Haifa; (left to right) top row; Maxim Shusteff (Lab instructor, MIT Biological Engineering), Omer Barzilai (Technion undergraduate, Physics Dept.), Itzik Ben Shabat (Technion undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering), David Stiebel (MIT undergraduate, Mathematics), bottom row; Mor Baram (Technion graduate student, Materials Engineering), Becky Bank (Technion undergraduate, Biochemistry) Joshua Skalrsky (MIT of Urban Studies and Planning, undergraduate), Noga Zewi (Technion undergraduate, Math / Computer Science), Prof. Christine Ortiz (MIT of Materials Science and Engineering).


01/22/07 · Congratulations to Kuangshin, who has accepted a job at Wolf, Greenfield, and Sacks Intellectual Property Law Firm - guess he will be going to Law School next!!


01/09/07 · Three Ortiz Group Alumni appointed Assistant Professors (left to right); Delphine Dean (Bioengineering, Clemson University), Joonil Seog (University of Maryland, Collge Park), and Mariselma Ferreira (Federal University, Sao Paulo Brazil).


01/09/07 · The NanoBricks team of children won the Bucky Ball award at the Jr F.I.R.S.T. Lego League based Ben Bruet's thesis project. The children are based out of East Providence. Rhode Island. From Left to right on photo : Sophia aged 6, Steven aged 7, Benjamin aged 9, Jessica Aged 9, Nadia aged 11. Note Ben's AFM images in poster, photo of Ben and Prof. Ortiz, the flier for the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies.



01/06/07 · Prof. Ortiz is organizing a short course entitled, "Advances in the Use of Atomic Force Microscopy for Studies of the Physics of Macromolecular Materials," at the annual March Meeting of the American Physical Society - Division of Polymer Physics (APS-DPOLY) : Saturday, March 3rd and Sunday, March 4th, 2007 Denver, Colorado. Registration is here : (http://www.aps.org/meetings/march/special/dpoly.cfm). Click here for more information and full schedule of invited speakers.