08/11/10 · Congratulations to Ortiz Lab Ph.D. recipient Hsu-Yi Lee, who has accepted a job at a start up company NABsys in Providence and will be helping developing instruments for DNA sequencing. We are sad to you go! Best of luck.


08/01/10 · Christine Ortiz is appointed as MIT's Dean for Graduate Education. Click here to read the MIT News article announcing the appointment.

06/15/10 · Congratulations to former Ortiz Lab Postdoctoral Research Associate Fevzi Cebeci, who will become a full time faculty member as of September 1st at Sabanci University in Istanbul, Turkey.


06/09/10 · Ortiz Lab PhD student Juha Song gives a talk at the European Materials Research Society Spring Meeting in Strasbourg, France. Click on photos below for high resolution versions.  

Juha EMRS Entrance Jandt

Bridge Bridge

06/08/10 · Effective July 1, 2010, Professor Christine Ortiz will be promoted to Full Professor of Materials Science and Engineering with tenure at MIT. Click to view PDF of the announcement published in MIT DMSE's Structure Magazine.

06/04/10 · Congratulations to Ortiz PhD student Li Ling, who passed his written qualifying exam in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering!


06/02/10 · Christine Ortiz serves as keynote speaker at the annual SMART (Science, Math And Relevant Technology) Girls Summit for middle school girls sponsored by Girls, Inc. of Lynn, MA. There were approximately 90-100 middle school girls in attendance. The keynote speaker shares her professional story with the girls - including career path, educational background, accomplishments and hurdles which have had to be overcome along the way. Ortiz female group members participated in the workshops: Ting Ting Chen (MECHE), Juha Song (DMSE), Dr. Yaning Li (DMSE/MECHE), Ashley Browning (MECHE), Fei Liang (CHEME). Click to view PDF of an Itemlive.com article covering the event. Click on photos below for high resolution versions.  





05/27/10 · Congratulations to Ortiz PhD student Eric Arndt, who passed his written and oral PPST examinations this week!


05/17/10 · Congratulations to Ortiz-Boyce MechE graduate student Ashley Browning, who was given the Wunsch Foundation Silent Hoist and Crane Award for Outstanding Teaching Assistant in MIT Course 2.002, Mechanics and Materials II!


05/05/10 · The Ortiz Lab's work on deep sea snail shell armor has been selected to be presented at EXPO 2010 in Shanghai at Youth Innovation Center. The EXPO 2010 Universal World Exhibition, from May 1st to October 31st 2010, will take place on a 5.28 km site spread across both sides of the Huangpu River in Shanghai, China. At Youth Innovation Centre, 100 innovations from all over the world will be presented. In particular, the youth of the world shall get a view on ideas and concepts that will be trendsetting for the next decades. For a PDF brochure about the exhibition, click here.

2010 Shanghai

05/03/10 · Congratulations to Ortiz-Grodzinsky Lab member Hsu-Yi Lee, who successfully defended her doctoral thesis entitled "Ultrastructure and Nanomechanical Properties of Aggrecan from Native Cartilage and Engineered Tissue" today. Great work!


04/28/10 · Congratulations to Ortiz Lab Research Assistant Elaine Lee, who has decided to attend the doctoral program at UPenn Materials Science and Engineering starting this Fall!


04/14/10 · Congratulations to former joint Ortiz-Boyce Postdoc H. Jerry Qi, who was just awarded tenure and promoted to Associate Professor at University of Colorado, Boulder. Click here to view Professor Qi's website.


04/13/10 · An article by Christine Ortiz entitled "Toward A Personalized Graduate Curriculum," which was written in her capacity as Chair of the DMSE Departmental Commmittee on Graduate Students, appears in the MIT Faculty Newsletter. Click to view PDF of the article.

faculty newsletter

04/12/10 · Congratulations to Ortiz Lab member Steffen Reichert! This Fall he will be begin a doctoral program at Universitt Stuttgart, Institute for Computational Design, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning in Germany.


04/6/10 · Congratulations to Ortiz Lab member Ting Ting Chen, who was awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (GRFP). GRFP Fellows receive the following:

- Three years of support
- $30,000 annual stipend
- $10,500 cost-of-education allowance
- $1,000 one time international travel allowance

Great work!

Ting Ting

03/29/10 · Ortiz Group alumni, Davide Carnelli, has completed his PhD thesis from Politecnico di Milano, "Orientation and Length-Scale Dependent Mechanical Properties in Lamellar Bone at the Micro and Nanostructural Hierarchical Levels," much of which he carried out here at MIT in the group during a one year exchange. Congratulations, Davide! Link to: PDF of his Ph.D. thesis.


03/29/10 · Ortiz UROP David Miranda-Nieves travels to the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi). The trip was organized by the MIT Terrascope office with the purpose of visiting the Carbon Neutral city of Madsar that is being built by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. During the class mission of 2013, David and his team members investigated solutions to problems like carbon capture and sequestration. The ideas are now being put to work in Abu Dhabi. Click on photo below for high resolution version.


03/29/10 · Christine Ortiz gives a presentation on bio-inspired synthetic materials at an MIT forum entitled "The Future of Manufacturing Innovation - Advanced Technologies". At the forum, more than a dozen of the Institute’s faculty shared converging ideas about how to reinvigorate America’s goods-producing businesses. Click to view PDF of an MIT News Article describing the event.

ortiz forum

03/20/10 · Christine Ortiz gives presentation in Agra, India at the 2010 Indo-American Frontiers of Engineering Workshop. Click on photos below for high resolution versions.


3/08/10 · An article entitled "Natural Armor", detailing current research in the Ortiz Lab, appears in the 2010 Spring Issue of MIT's Spectrum magazine. Click to view PDF of the article.


02/05/10 · Ortiz Lab member Hsu-Yi Lee's paper, "Adult equine bone-marrow stromal cells produce a cartilage-like ECM mechanically superior to animal-matched adult chondrocytes," Kopesky, P. W., Lee, H.-Y., Vanderploeg, E. J., Kisiday, J. D., Frisbie, D. D., Plaas, A. H. K., Ortiz, C., and A. J. Grodzinsky, is accepted for publication in Matrix Biology, 2010. Write email to Professor Ortiz for PDF.

01/19/10 · Postdoc Haimin Yao's paper, "Protection mechanisms of the iron-plated armor of a deep-sea hydrothermal vent gastropod," published in PNAS. Link to: PDF Online Supplement

Photo taken by Dr. Anders Warén, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, Sweden

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