Dora Costa, MIT Dept. of Economics

Selected Papers

Learning About Aging from Past Populations
2004 Rand SI Power Point Presentation.

Surviving Andersonville: The Benefits of Social Networks in POW Camps
(joint with Matthew E. Kahn) Forthcoming. American Economic Review.

Economics and Demography of Aging
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2007 104: 13217-13218.

Race, Infection and Arteriosclerosis in the Past
(joint with Lorens Helmchen and Sven Wilson) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2007 104: 13219-13224.

Predicting Older Age Mortality Trends
(joint with Joanna N. Lahey) Journal of the European Economic Association, April-May 2005, 3(2-3).

Race and Older Age Mortality: Evidence from Union Army Veterans.
revised version of NBER Working Paper No. 10902

Forging A New Identity: The Costs and Benefits of Diversity in Civil War Combat Units for Black Slaves and Freemen.
(joint with Matthew Kahn). Journal of Economic History. 2006. 66(4): 936-62.

Deserters, Social Norms, and Migration.
(joint with Matthew Kahn) Forthcoming, Journal of Law and Economics.

Public Health and Mortality: What Can We Learn from the Past?
(joint with Matthew Kahn)

Why Were Older Men in the Past in Such Poor Health?

Figures for "Why Were Older Men in the Past in Such Poor Health?"

Causes of Improving Health and Longevity at Older Ages: A Review of the Explanations.
Genus. 2005. 51(1): 21-38.

Becoming Oldest Old: Evidence from Historical US Data.
(joint with Joanna Lahey) Genus. 2005. 51(1): 125-61.

Race and Pregnancy Outcomes in the Twentieth Century: A Long-Term Comparison.
Revised verson of NBER Working Paper No. 9593. Journal of Economic History. December 2004. 64(4): 1056-1086.

Changes in the Value of Life, 1940-1980.
(joint with Matthew E. Kahn) Journal of Risk and Uncertainty. 2004. 29(2): 159-80.

The Rising Price of Nonmarket Goods
(joint with Matthew E. Kahn) American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, May 2003.

The Measure of Man and Older Age Mortality: Evidence from the Gould Sample.
revised NBER Working Paper No. 8843. Journal of Economic History. March 2004. 64(1): 1-23.

Cowards and Heroes: Group Loyalty in the American Civil War.
(joint with Matthew Kahn) Quarterly Journal of Economics. May 2003. 118(2): 519-548.

Understanding the American Decline in Social Capital, 1952-1998.
(joint with Matthew Kahn) Kyklos. Fasc. 1 2003. 56(1): 17-46.

Civic Engagement and Community Heterogeneity: An Economist's Perspective.
(joint with Matthew Kahn) Perspectives on Politics. March 2003. 1(1).

Understanding Mid-Life and Older Age Mortality Declines: Evidence from Union Army Veterans.
Journal of Econometrics. January 2003. 112(1): 175-92.

Changing Chronic Disease Rates and Long-term Declines in Functional Limitation Among Older Men.
Demography. February 2002. 39(1): 119-138.

Estimating Real Income in the US from 1888 to 1994:
Correcting CPI Bias Using Engel Curves.

Journal of Political Economy. December 2001. 109(6): 1288-1310.

From Mill Town to Board Room: The Rise of Women's Paid Labor.
Journal of Economic Perspectives. Fall 2000. 14(4): 101-122.

Aggregation, Rank, and Some Historical Engel Curves.
Economics Letters. February 2001. 70(2): 183-186.

Power Couples: Changes in the Locational Choice of the College Educated, 1940-1990.
(joint with Matthew E. Kahn), Quarterly Journal of Economics. November 2000. 115(4): 1287-1315.

Hours of Work and the Fair Labor Standards Act:
A Study of Retail and Wholesale Trade, 1938-1950.

Industrial and Labor Relations Review. July 2000. 53(4): 648-664.

Understanding the Twentieth Century Decline in Chronic Conditions Among Older Men.
Demography. February 2000. 37(1): 53-72.

The Wage and the Length of the Work Day: From the 1890s to 1991.
Journal of Labor Economics. January 2000. 18(1): 156-181.


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