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>Hello Prema,
>I'm sure that there are several film schools in Africa, but I only have
>information on this one: National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI);
>the address is Private Mail Bag, G.P.O. Accra Ghana, Phone: 774522 or
>777610; fax:233-21-774522. The director's name is Bill Marshall.
>For information on contemporary cinema in Africa, folks should subscribe to:
>Ecrans d'Afrique, a very good quarterly journal that covers African
>filmmakers participation in festivals like Fespaco and Cannes and reviews
>films with each issue. Each issue also has substantial articles on a region
>of filmmaking in Africa - for instance this issue covers Lusophone Cinema
>(cinema in Cape Verde, Angola, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, etc.). The
>journal is published with articles in both French and English through
>FEPACI (Pan African Federation of Film Makers) and COE (Centro Orientamento
>Educativo). For subscription info contact COE, Via Lazzaroni, 8 -20124
>Milano Italy. Fax: (39)-2-66-71-43-38.
>Zeinabu irene Davis
> --
>zeinabu irene davis "Resistance to tyranny is obedience
>Assistant Professor God." -- Susan B. Anthony
>Northwestern University
>Department of Radio-TV-Film
>1905 Sheridan Road
>Evanston, IL 60208-2270
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