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>Date: 26 Feb 1996
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>Originally dated: 26 Feb 1996
>Dear friends:
>I'm very happy to be sending this first message of our list server on
>African cinema. I've been working on getting to this point for a couple
>years. It has taken a long time to focus our needs and translate that into
>Anyhow with luck, you will receive five other messages today. These have
>been coming in and I've held them as we're been getting 5-10 new subscribers
>a day lately. Now we've got almost 100 people on board! I've released all
>the backed up messages today. So it'll be a big day for messages from this
>conference to you. In the future I'd expect there to be a couple messages a
>week. I will do my best to keep the quality of the messages up to useful
>news, questions, opinions, and bits and pieces that are not a waste of your
>time. I will try to prevent this conference from becoming a flood of
>debating back and forth full of confusion and repeated messages like I've
>seen some other conferences become.
>If you have any feedback or comments, please send them to me. I may not be
>fast in response, but I'll reply eventually, and I welcome any and all
>feedback - after all I've never done this before, and am just feeling my way
>along. In fact, I'm off to Africa March 2-13, and as we're so new, I'm not
>sure I can organize someone to fill my moderator's role while I'm gone, but
>we'll see how it goes...
>Thanks to Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and Cross Connect for hosting
>this conference, and THANKS to you all for subscribing. This is your
>conference. Please send us your information for sharing with others. I
>think we all feel that there is a need for increasing the flow of
>information on African cinema via channels like this. Please help make this
>your moderator,
>Steve Smith

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