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>DSR, Inc is proud to announce that in 1995 it has paid $3,900 in royalties
>to producers on the African social message films it distributes. 96% of
>this payment has gone to African agencies and individuals.
>DSR distributes 52 titles of videos in a variety of African languages on
>issues such as AIDS, teenage pregnancy, womens rights, malaria, smoking,
>etc. All are available in English, seven in French, ten in Kiswahili, and
>several in Shona, Ndebele, Luganda, siSwati, Setswana, Nyana, Zulu and
>Portuguese. All are available in VHS PAL, and many in SECAM and NTSC and
>16mm and/or 35mm film. Many come with workbooks, posters, flyers,
>discussion guidelines, etc. DSR's titles have won over 50 awards in the
>last dozen years that DSR has been in this business. DSR and its affiliate
>sub-distributor network in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania,
>Uganda, Kenya, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Australia/Oceania, the UK, Canada and
>the USA have distributed over 15,000 videos and films, and gotten many
>hundreds of broadcasts of our programming on Africa's television stations.
>We are always looking for new titles, but we insist on quality African
>product and reject about half that we review. We ask for only non-exclusive
>rights. We don't pay huge royalties, but are happy to pay a fair percentage
>of large or television sales, and a fixed amount per video sold - from the
>first sale! We have distribution rights on 28 of our 52 titles from donors
>that are - like us - mainly interested in increasing viewership, and not
>financial profit. They allow us to sell at the lowest possible prices for
>maximum distribution. We do provide free videos in a few rare cases for
>conferences and marketing, but mainly we sell at low prices. We have never
>yet made a profit - far from it - although we do aim for breakeven in 1996
>for the first year ever.
>If you are interested in buying African social message videos or have a
>title to distribute, please contact Steve Smith at

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