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> *** C A L L F O R P A P E R S ***
> A Critical Journal of Film and Television
> Number 40 (Fall 1997)
>Although there has been much recent commentary about the globalization of
>film, television and video, international media exchange dates back at least
>as far as the inception of cinema. The United States has of course exported
>the most significant volume of media. Texts originally produced in the
>United States have historically supplanted much indigenous media,
>perpetuating the global reach of U.S. culture and corporations. However, in
>the "opposite" direction has been a steady, but relatively small, stream of
>foreign media into the United States. At the same time, national media
>cultures across the globe were becoming more and more *international*,
>challenging prevailing linguistic, cultural, economic, and national borders.
>The Velvet Light Trap seeks manuscripts addressing the issue of
>film, television and video. We encourage a wide array of theoretical
>approaches: historical, formal, cultural studies, postcolonial,
>feminist, political economy and others. Possible areas of exploration could
>include (but are not limited to):
> -- international film distribution
> -- foreign film exhibition in the United States
> -- international media corporations
> -- dubbing and subtitling practices
> -- trans-cultural remakes and sequels
> -- video piracy
> -- non-English production and distribution within the United States
> -- "crossover" film stars (i.e. Bardot, Dietrich, Eastwood)
> -- wartime media distribution
> -- satellite television
> -- international politics, economics and media (i.e. UNESCO, GATT,
> -- Western media in Eastern Europe after the Fall
> -- the coming of sound film
> -- multi-national productions
>Each manuscript _must_ be of 5000-9000 words and follow current MLA style.
>Submit ONE hard copy and ONE 3.5" diskette (either Mac or DOS/Windows
>versions of common word processors are acceptable, as is ASCII or RTF
>formats) to:
>The Velvet Light Trap
>Department of Communication Arts
>Vilas Hall -- 6th Floor
>University of Wisconsin-Madison
>Madison, WI 53706
>FAX (608) 262-9953
> *** DEADLINE: AUGUST 15, 1996 ***
>For further information, contact Derek Kompare at (608) 262-2543 or e-mail:
>Please forward and/or post this to other lists.
> Jay Ruby, Temple University, PO Box 128, Mifflintown PA 17059 USA
> Office- 215-204-7513 Fax - 717-436-9559 Email -
>"Sound of gunfire in the distance, I've gotten used to that now..." D Byrne

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