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independence which declared the showing of westerns illegal. While
the research is going well, i have two questions i have been unable to
investigate satisfactorily.
1) a specific one - while i know the law remained in effect until at
least 1/1/65 i can find no trace of it afterwards. Is anyone aware of
where i might find when (if) it was ever overturned?
2) More general - has anyone any experience seeing westerns in Cameroon?
The three cameroonians i have asked so far say, in fact, that no, they
never do recall such films, but that is not a terribly representative
Any other pertinent information would, of course, be welcome. Replies
can be made in french or english.
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stephen l. bishop
dept. of romance langs. + lit.
univ. of michigan
ann arbor mi 48109-1275

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