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Though I am sure that my response based upon instinct and less direct
knowledge, I would imagine that it hasn't been shown inside Africa to the
extent that it is shown in foriegn markets. Every other year though,
these films make premiere to an African Audience at the FESPACO Pan
African Film conference. It is evident through scholarship about African
Cinema that because of the political references in these films which may
reflect current social and political conditions in their countries that
these films are not celebrated as they should be. American movies are
still the "cat's meow" as it were. African American filmmakers also face the
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same"distribution" obstacles on an economic/political level. If you
consider that Ousmanne Sembene's, sometimes dubbed the
"grandfather of African Cinema", novels and films were banned in his own
country (Senegal) until recent years. Though, through Fespaco, film
rights are negotiated through television in other African Countries and I
would imagine in the classroom...

Portia Cobb,
U.W. Milwaukee

On Tue, 5 Mar 1996, Corinne A Kratz wrote:

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> I've just shown Djibril Diop Mambety's film *Hyenas* in my undergraduate
> class on African Popular Culture and we're due to discuss it tomorrow.
> Does anyone on this list know anything about the extent to which it has
> been shown in Senegal or elsewhere in Africa and what the response to it
> has been there?

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