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Greetings from Planet Africa at the Toronto International Film Festival.
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My name is Cameron Bailey, programmer of Planet Africa, and new subscriber
this list.

If you haven't already heard about us, we're the new section at the Toronto
International Film Festival devoted to films from Africa and the African
diaspora. Launched at last year's Festival, Planet Africa was an immediate
hit with audiences, critics and attending filmmakers.

Among our screenings: the North American premieres of Drissa TourU's
and Cheick Oumar Sissoko's Guimba. Guimba went on to play the New York Film
Festival. From the U.S. came the world premieres of Thomas Allen Harris's
fearless documentary Vintage: Families of Value and Tanya Hamilton's
Jamaica-set short film The Killers. The Killers recently won Best
Short in the Panorama section at the 1996 Berlin Film Festival.

I'm here on this list to share information about African cinema, learn more,

and increase the awareness of what we're doing in Toronto.

Right now, I'm beginning to program this year's Planet Africa. I'm looking
for the best new feature films (and exceptional shorts) to premiere at the
Toronto International Film Festival, which runs September 5 to 14, 1996.

Over its 20-year history, the Toronto Film Festival (formerly the Festival
Festivals) has become the leading film festival in the English-speaking
world. Within that, Planet Africa is a showcase for the limitless creativity

of the African diaspora, unfolding in one of the world's most culturally
diverse cities; there are large, thriving communities in Toronto from every
corner of the African world.

If you have, or know of a film appropriate for Planet Africa that will be
completed before August 12, 1996, please contact me as soon as possible.

Cameron Bailey
Programmer, Planet Africa
Tel: (416)967-7371 ext. 7006
Fax: (416)967-9477

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